Frequently Asked Questions

"You have to be Nick Park to get in there, don't you?"
Its true that Nick Park is probably one of our most famous students, but he was self taught and applied with a film shot on an old bolex camera pointed at a blackboard upon which he drew his animation.
As with Nick Park, access to expensive equipment to make your film is not necessary because talent will always shine through.

"Do you have to have top grade qualifications?"
Your animated Film and supporting materials must show that you are at postgraduate level.

"I've heard it's an elitist school for the rich"
Not at all. All students are assessed individually according to their relevant skills, abilities and merits and have equal access to learning experiences within the School. Our selection process allows for the widest possible range of initial applications and we are actively seeking to redress imbalances within the industry by encouraging dynamic people with appropriate talents and skills to apply, whatever their ethnic or national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religious or political beliefs.

"How can I afford to pay the fees and live?"
We don't want anyone to be put off applying to the NFTS for financial reasons and there are many ways to fund your studies. CLICK HERE to go to the fees and funding page on the main NFTS site.

"Don't they only do Stopmotion puppet films there?"
Far from it. In their first year, students experience every technique imaginable with master classes, workshops and special projects, and every year the graduation films reflect the diversity of the course that includes Traditional 2D, Computer 2D, Large Scale 2d Overpainting, Stopmotion Puppet, 3D computer, Compositing, Effects, Live Action and many combinations of the above.

"I only want to learn CGI software otherwise I won't get a job"
The Animation Director's Course is just that. Our aim is to train people to be able to go out into the industry with the widest possible range of skills, experience and industry contacts, to enable them to walk into a company and Direct the Animation or Live action - or indeed start their own companies. To be able to achieve this in two years we have a packed curriculum of workshops, master classes, set projects AND a dissertation for the MA.
So, the question you need to ask yourself is, "Do I want to be an operator or a Director?"
Our ex-student's careers speak for themselves.

"It's all highly commercialised and narrative driven work but I'm an artist and I want to do experimental animation"
By its very nature the Animation Direction course prepares people for the industry and the industry has its demands. It really depends what you want to do with your art. If you can apply your ideas to a structured course there's no reason why you can't experiment within the subject matter. In fact we actively encourage people to push the boundaries of the mediums. The industry is always searching for a new look, a fresh approach or a different angle so why not meet the challenge?

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us about the course and The Registry for applications.

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