Stephanie Blakey

I've always been a bit of a nerd. As a kid, I loved Saturday morning cartoons, Archie comics, and every game on my SNES. These are things some people eventually grow out of, but I've kept and nurtured these passions. Now, you can find me animating very silly things, creating mini comics, and catching up on the latest games.

I was born in Vancouver, BC, and graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a Bachelor's Degree in animation in 2009. I took a year off to work at Electronic Arts Canada working on FIFA and Need for Speed games (in the QA department) though I had been working there off and on for the previous 6 years, at one point, even working at the Tokyo studio.
I also worked part-time at The Comicshop, a, er, comic shop.

I had a great time and was able to indulge my hobbies, but it just wasn't enough. Becoming restless at my desk job, I found myself making flipbooks with Post-It notes and coming up with ideas and animations in my own time. I decided to return to school, applied, and was somehow accepted, despite the fire alarm during my interview. Though I might not have as much time to spare for games or comics, I'm very happy and excited to get creative again through animation and storytelling.

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