Simon Deshon
has been Graphic Designing for 10 years. Born in Australia Simon started out counting sheep, mustering sheep, catching sheep, cleaning sheep, shearing sheep, classing sheep, butchering sheep, freezing and exporting sheep, cutting sheep's nails and at times talking to sheep. With his Mum and Dad and four brothers on the family farm on the outskirts of Lightning Ridge a small opal mining community situated in the North West of New South Wales.

Around the age of 6 he uncovered a box of crumbling 'MAD' magazines.
The cartoonist Antonio Prohias's beautifully dark 'Spy vs Spy' and the marginal etchings of Sergio Argagonés's fanned the flames of Simon's fascination with visual narrative.

After studying Graphic arts in Sydney 1996, moved to Manchester to find an intense industry of commercial graphic designers in a bustling and beautiful city. He gravitated to London and began contributing to the wonderful world of small press comics (For the uninitiated, small press is a non profit alliance of passionate people who just want their ideas down on paper in any means available to them). Simon collaborates with a writer based in America who shares his attraction to life's cockamamie.

Recently Simon studied an Image Production syllabus at The London College of Communication. This introduced moving image as a way of revealing a yarn.

Simon's journal contains various ideas and tender moments from his childhood which he hopes to glean when working with others at The National Film and Television School.





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