Sharon Colman

I grew up in Balloch by Loch Lomond, Scotland, with a love for nature,
Chuck Jones cartoons and the Peanuts comic strip.

Graduated from Glasgow Shool of Art 2000 with a BA (Hons) in Illustration.
Worked on a Flash project for Red Winklepicker Press Ltd and returned to Scotland to make a short film about the going ons on the Gareloch.
Spent most of final year and up to enrolling at the NFTS, under a linetest camera exploring traditional animation.

I always wanted to approach animation from a traditional illustrative angle. I'm amused by the peculiar and absurdity of human nature, and developed an interest in character and their physiological makeup.

The NFTS has nurtured me in my journey to become a strong animator and director and given me the opportunity to surprise myself. I was honoured to have Daniel Greaves as mentor and tutor from the early beginnings of my film, Badgered, to the final mile. I also had the privilege of directing two professional animators and a voice actor.

I'm going to play more with comic timing, empathy and emotion. I am looking for studio representation and opportunities to develop more films while working commercially in the animation industry.

Stills from "Badgered".

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