Nandita Jain

I was brought up in India amidst myths, folktales, magical stories and millions of culturally diverse people. Having lived in the middle of contraries and paradoxes all along, it wasn't really easy to know where one was going or could possibly go in life.

My ‘illustrious' career began by squiggling on the walls at home and developed as I surreptitiously doodled on schoolbooks, much to the dismay of my teachers. Despite my undeniable inclination towards Art, I went on to study science and would most likely have ended up an engineer, computer programmer, or even doctor maybe. But my story took a dramatic turn when I quite literally flung out an application form for an IT degree out of the window and decided to walk down the untrodden path of Art in my family's history.

I studied Animation Film Design at the National Institute of Design in Gujarat, India and positively began to love working with this kind of filmmaking because of the unrestricted freedom of imagination and expression it gave me. I think what I began to relish secretly was the ability to play ‘God' and bring to life and control worlds that could only exist in my head up until then. There's been no looking back ever since, and I have been lucky to have worked on various projects across the world with organizations like the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala, India and Nickelodeon in London, to name a couple.

An original space cadet, I am addicted to books and love traveling and discovering new places and cultures, while pondering about the overwhelming immensity and possibilities of existence.

So now here I am, a long, long way from home and all things familiar, at the NFTS, ready to learn lots more, discover myself in a new context, meet inspiring people and, hopefully, spew out some awesome films!

2011    9 mins 50 secs    Colour    Dolby Digital
2D drawings, live action and stop-motion


Based on a myth from Southern India, this film is a poignant narrative of the relationship between Nirmala and her grandfather who struggles to recall the details of her favourite story.

Nirmala confidently takes up her grandfather's role of storyteller in the hope that by telling the story correctly she can get rid of the demons that riddle her grandfather's version.


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