Minyoung Oh

Born in Seoul, Korea (south)
Abnormal childhood : she occasionally imagined meeting an angel, an elf and a giant, and sometimes she actually did.
Pretended to be a normal teenager : she wanted to become normal but she couldn't.
Entered University : she realised that she was not normal but also it was ok.
Now she is in the National Film and Television School : she's finally got wings so she is ready to fly.

I can't remember when I exactly decided to become an amination director. But I just remember that when I was a kid I used to watch several Desiny animation films until the video tapes got worn out.
On every Sunday morning I would wake up to watch an animation TV program which was obviously an alarm for lazy kids .
This is the root of my animation experience.

Including my childhood, I always felt some strong emotional connection in my experiences with many other animation films and I was trilled that I could empathise with characters in them.
So I guess this connection has grown in me to create my own story and to become an animation director.
I want to show my stories that I dreamed, created and imagined to people and I hope they remember my films because they feel empathy for the characters in my animation.

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