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Recent Graduate
in 1989 so went to Newport Film School to study animation craft. I made 2 16mm films there, helped on everything I could and got a distinction. Then I spent a few years making animated title sequences for TV before going to the National Film and TV School in 1994.

For me the Film School was an island on which I could explore ideas and develop my film making ability. This was important, as outside the School there are opportunities to develop the commercially fruitful skills necessary to earn a living, but little opportunity to develop ideas and establish them in a unique film making style. By entrusting me with a budget to try something new, I had a rare opportunity to prove my ability in a specific area of film, and so inspiring interest in people from audiences to producers.
I made 2 35mm films and 1 16mm film. I went to Yekaterinburg , Russia to make my graduation film, in the studios where Alexanda Petrov worked. I learned a huge amount from the people there particularly my Art Director Andre Zolotuchin.

Since then I have made 3 films in digital format. I find that this format gives me the freedom to be able to make low budget short films. I have always been motivated by self expression in film making I have never seen it as the way I earn my living, so I look for low budget funding where I will be allowed to explore what I want. I have worked in many different styles such as animated paint on a multiplane bed, hand painted on film, puppet animation, traditionally drawn animation and Flash actionScript effects. I make interactive multimedia in Flash, Director, Dreamweaver etc. illustration and Flash animation for a living, because I also enjoy the challenge of the interactive medium.

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Bird becomes Bird - Graduation Film
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