Graduate 2002

After studying painting at Hong-Ik University, Korea, Kim Hyun-Joo made two 2D animated films. She started learning animation techniques from a photocopied manual borrowed from an animation company making an American TV series in Korea.  She worked for a private art institute teaching watercolour, and also for several animation studios before she decided to study abroad.  On arriving in the UK she explored 3D animation techniques and made another film.

At the NFTS, Kim made her graduation film "Sap", a Korean Folk style narrative using oil on glass techniques .

Since graduating in February 2002 Hyun-Joo has worked as Art Director on
animated short Waiting (dir. Lucy Lee) for S4C, has directed freelance
projects such as an intro sequence and ident for Seoul International Cartoon
and Animation Festival, and has worked as an animator and designer for
Instinct Media, a studio in the South East of England.


Congratulations Kim
for winning the following 10 awards:

Munich Cilect Directors Prize
Chicago Film Festival Silver Hugo Best Student Animation
Bradford Animation Festival Best Non-Professional Film
Puchon InternationalStudent Festival Grand Prize
BAFTA Nomination for Best Animation
Angers Premier Plans Film Festival, France Musical Creation Award
Rencontres Internationales Henri Langlois, Poitiers Coup De Cour SACEM
Camridge Film Festival Audience Prize (second)
Melbourne International Animation Feastival Audience Prize
Chichester Film Festival prize for the Experimental Category

                                             Graduation Film

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