Intake 2007

HyeBin Lee

Hyebin was born in Seoul, Korea.
While studying for a BA degree in Visual Art and Design, she worked as
a comic-strip artist for the university newspaper. During this time her
eyes were opened to the possibilities of character development and storytelling.

She went on to work for a games company as a character developer,
then at a children’s book publisher as an editorial designer. Eventually, she graduated with a MA in illustration and animation from Kingston University and immediately after was accepted onto the animation direction course at the NFTS.

During her time at the School, Hyebin has directed and animated a wide
variety of films which use a broad collection of techniques. She feels she
has found her voice at the School and hopes that everything she has learnt will inspire her and take her somewhere new, ideally creating work for the small and big screen.

She is looking forward to the trip.




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