Intake 2007

Helen Piercy

Helen grew up in Lincolnshire where she began to make animated films by pressing record/pause on a camcorder that did not have a stop motion option.
She studied at Norwich School of Art and Design and gained a first class degree in animation. Her graduation film from NSAD, A Beautiful Industry, was completed in 2006 and has been showcased internationally.

Her winning entry for the Promax UK/SKY Student Award for On-Air Graphics prompted her to apply to the NFTS as an opportunity to develop her skills as a director. During her time at the film school Helen has directed a 6 episode animated series for mobile phone content and has continued developing future projects in interactive media. She enjoys working in a variety of different animation techniques and media, including stop motion, pixilation, 2D and live action.

Helen is fascinated by the darker side of storytelling is inspired by idea's involving magical realism. Her main ambition is to continue directing and working on exciting projects involving animation, live action or both.




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