Gemma Burditt
After studying sculpture at Exeter College in Devon, I became very weary of
useless static objects and wanted to create work that was more reflectrive
of life and was about movement. I began to develop an interest in sculptural
costume and theatre which lead me to study for a further 3 years at the
Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Here, I specialised in Puppet
theatre and learnt a great deal about story telling through imagery, sound
and performance. During my final year and in my first job with a small
puppet company called "Zero Zero ," I began to explore interacting live
performance and animation.

However my interest in animation soon took over and I wanted to learn more
about other techniques other than simple cut outs. I hope to use my time at
the film school to develop visual story telling and look at the potential of

Gemma decides to take advantage of the good weather, and takes the unusual step of setting her 2nd project outside in the grounds of the school.



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