Claire Winter

I was born in 1985 in Northwick Park hospital, Harrow, the same place that Peter Andre (90's pop legend) was also born. Not sure if that is a good thing or not…

I was raised and still live in Sudbury hill, Wembley, a charming west London suburb, where you can find chicken cottage open until the small hours of the morning.

I come from a mixed back ground, as most people in my area. My mum's family is Irish and she grew up in the industrial West Midlands town, Coventry. My dad is from a small Caribbean island called Antigua, it is like paradise there and a popular wedding and celebrity hide out destination.

I have always been creative and have loved to paint and draw and make things ever since I can remember. I used to make detailed and very serious plans for my new flying machines and space rockets, and bring to life my “top secret plans” with the most ready available materials, cardboard boxes, string, sellotape and plastic bags.

Later on when I went to college and University, these making skills would come in handy to produce final projects such as; a giant cartoon kids bedroom with toys that came alive called ‘Bob and Fluffy head', and my Uni final project, ‘Boxfriend' a spoof 80's ad for a robot head replacement boyfriend.

It was only when I really began to make proper animated shorts, towards the end of my University course, that I fell in love with the animation process. I am here at the NFTS to make something spectacular and unexpected. So to quote Spongebob Square Pants “I'M READY!”


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