Billie Loebner

Animation is as substantial, valid and versatile as Film, and often far more real, alive and infinitely more truthful -if you ask me.
I come from Fine Art and studied painting at St Martins and Falmouth,
graduating in 1993. I discovered digital animation very recently, when learning to use a computer,and quickly saw a way to work with the ideas I have that can't become apainting. I got interested in the possibilities of telling stories with the structure of feeling and sensibility of painting.

I completed my first animation short in Maya last June 2004.
When I was making it I found I could sculpt screaming.

I came to the NFTS to explore animation and time-based narrative forms, in particular 3D CG animation, which aroused my interest just very recently when I encountered both digital media, and animation, for the very first time. During that time, ideas which had been haunting my paintings for years began migrating into my experiments, resulting in a short animated film using the 3D Animation package Maya; and I realised I was at the beginning of a new development in my work.

These two great years at the NFTS have allowed me to inhabit, and begin to find my voice, in a whole new universe of form and technique which has fed back into, and transformed my own practice, and now forms the sound grounding for a new and vital departure in my work.

Films at the NFTS

Gloria (Graduation Film) above

Dog Girl

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