Intake 2007

Alberto Rodrigues

Alberto Rodríguez started out in computer graphics in 1995.
Three years later, he joined the “Amusement Project” in the Politecnical University ofMadrid, in order to work on an investigation project about virtual characters in collaboration with other European countries. This project was created using Silicon Graphics technologies.

After other works and collaborations, he was recruited by Dygra Films studios to work on the feature film Living Forest, the first 3D animation movie made in Europe.

For the four years following that project, Alberto was head of 3D
department of the most important 3D stereoscopic studio in Spain, working in stereoscopic films for companies like Warner Bros.
In 2004, he began to develop his first short film like a director, The Wrong Glasses. This five-minute short won multiple awards, and was selected for many festivals around the world, and also bought by a number of European broadcasters.














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